Meditation Classes & Buddhism in San Diego

Kadampa Meditation Center San Diego  offers weekly drop-in classes on practical meditation techniques for the modern life, and monthly weekend meditation workshops.

Meditation is a simple yet profound method to improve the quality of our lives and develop peace of mind. Our classes explain practical meditation techniques revealing how we can learn to let go of the causes of our pain and dissatisfaction, and gain the peace of mind and clarity we seek.

We offer a wide range of classes from basic guided meditations to applying Buddha’s teachings to our daily life, issues such as anger or anxiety to improving our relationships. We also offer comprehensive structured Buddhist study and meditation programs on the essential teachings of Buddhism.

Taught by qualified Western teachers, the meditation classes are very easy to understand and apply. The classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced practitioners, and emphasize how to meditate and practice taking the experience of these meditations into our busy daily lives.


Free e-book

Through practising the instructions presented in this book we can transform our life from a state of misery into one of pure and everlasting happiness. These instructions are scientific methods to improve our human nature. Everybody needs to be good-natured with a good heart, because in this way we can solve our own problems as well as those of others, and we can make our human life meaningful.

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche

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