Meditations to Move Beyond Guilt & Resentment








Through Buddha’s ancient wisdom, we discover that we can let go of guilt, resentment, and sorrow and open our hearts to experience peace and happiness. In this retreat, we will explore teachings and meditations on patient acceptance, mindfulness, and impermanence, and experience spiritual insights that give rise to peaceful states of mind that will lead to happiness and love for ourselves and others.

When we identify with our feelings, we make them bigger and more solid than they are. Pain ceases to exist when we discover
its real nature.

Suitable for all levels of experience.  Everyone is welcome!

This mini meditation retreat is led by Gen Kelsang Lhadron, Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher at KMC San Diego. Suitable for all levels of experience.

$25 per person

***Retreat begins promptly at 10am. Please arrive early to settle in.***Mini retreats are broken into sessions with several breaks. A session typically consist of prayers in English to prepare our minds for meditation, a guided breathing meditation, a teaching on the retreat topic, and a meditation period to gain personal experience of the topic.