Fear…it stops us from moving forward, cripples our progress with our goals, and prevents us from experiencing joy. Through meditation we can access deeper levels of mind and find refuge in our own inner peace. Within this experience of mental clarity we can gain deep insights into our true nature, empower our actions and transcend fear.

The retreat will consist of guided meditations and insightful commentary that will guide us to live our lives to the fullest, fearlessly.

Everyone is welcome to this retreat, led by Gen Kelsang Lhadron, Buddhist nun and Resident Teacher at KMC San Diego. You do not need to be Buddhist to attend.

Suitable for all levels of experience. $25 per person

***Retreat begins promptly at 10am. Please arrive early to settle in.***
Mini retreats are broken into sessions with several breaks. A session typically consist of prayers in English to prepare our minds for meditation, a guided breathing meditation, a teaching on the retreat topic, and a meditation period to gain personal experience of the topic.