Sunday Afternoon Meditations in Normal Heights
New Location, New Starting Date April 23

Liquid Eden Holistic Center
3190 Adams Ave, San Diego, CA 92116

Guided Meditations & Teachings
with Kadam Angie Kane

$10 | Free for Members

Our Sunday drop-in meditation classes include guided meditations, clear teachings and time for questions. Each month we explore a new topic from Buddha’s teachings and learn how to practically apply it in our daily lives. No previous experience of meditation is necessary. Everyone is welcome. Join at anytime.

New Topic Starts April 23
Meditation, Joy and Inner Purpose

In this series we will explore the relationship between meditation, happiness and a deeper sense of purpose in our lives.

Buddhist meditation teaches us how to access and maintain inner joy, even when experiencing difficulties. Connecting to the natural joy within our mind opens us up to experiencing the happiness, love and other good qualities that exist within us. Empowering us with a sense of purpose in our life, an inner drive to realize our potential so that we can of be real benefit to our family, friends and everyone throughout our world.

The emphasis will be on how to integrate our practice of training the mind with every aspect of our life: work, family, friends, down-time etc. Everyone welcome.

Apr 23      Simplify Your Life Through Meditation
Apr 30      How our Mind Creates our Experiences
May 07     Understanding our Extraordinary Potential
May 14     The Kindness of Mothers

About the Teacher

angie-4-289x300Kadam Angie Kane is the Resident Teacher of KMC San Diego. She has been practicing Kadampa Buddhism for 18 years. Angie is a powerful and inspiring teacher who is well-loved for her compassion, wisdom, and clear, practical teachings.